Project Description

A & A Tower is a new luxury residential development situated in the Ocean Front District of the Eko Atlantic. It is located at the center of the city, which affords easy accessibility to various parts of Eko Atlantic. The A & A Tower offers modern, airy homes with cafés, restaurants, and leisure facilities.

A & A tower will be a structure that is environmentally responsible and resource efficient throughout its life-cycle. From the design, construction, operation, maintenance and renovation, it will have a positive effect on the environment and its residents.

A & A tower will feature 98 units comprising 3 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments, with interiors that showcase very high level furnishings. It also includes high quality office spaces, and well designed retail spaces with mezzanine floors. With its impressive facade, stunning architecture, attractive landscape and incredible views, this is a truly special place to call home.

Project Facility

State of the art Infrastructure

Central service systems
Independent water treatment plant
State of the art communications
Electrical Independence
Dedicated sewage treatment plant
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Available Units

2 Bedroom Apartment
3 Bedroom Apartment
4 Bedroom Penthouse
1 Mezzanine Retail Space
Open Floor Offices